Monday, April 30, 2012

Smart Notebook 11

Just when you thought you had your SMART board software conquered, there's a new version of the SMART board software - 11.I'd be interested to know what folks think. Some of the changes are pretty cool and some of them are pretty annoying. Check out the "SMART" tab above to find out how to view the tutorial for what's new. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Control Freak

Have you ever wished you could control what's on your desktop from somewhere else in the classroom on an iPad? I wanted to do that with my SMART board and I found a way. It's an app called Splashtop Whiteboard and it lets your iPad talk to your computer through a wireless internet connection. Now I'm pretty cheap when it comes to apps - $2.99 is a big splurge for me. This one is $19.99 but I love it! Not only an you use it for your SMART board but you could be someplace else in your building and open any file on your desktop or laptop that's in your classroom. Too cool!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Video' is not a bad word

I read an article today that reminded me of something I already knew - we are lucky to have the resources that we do to use in our classrooms. The author, Jim Forde, gave a nice list of internet video goldmines. So, with that in mind I added some of those sites to the Links page. Click on one and it will take you to great video resources like PBS, NBC Learn, and one that was new to me - Science 360.  Video clips are a great way to bring what you're teaching your students to life and give them views of things they would never other wise see. Check them out. So much of it is free!