Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PBS Stands the Test of Time

PBS has been around for a long time. When I  was growing up it's where I watched Sesame Street. It has changed with the times in may ways. A while back I mentioned that PBS had made some of its video clips available for free online viewing. (I think there's a link in the "links" tab at the top of the page.) Well, now there are two other things I'd like you to know about.

1. has some terrific interactive whiteboard activities and games available for free.

2. PBS LearningMedia now features more than 30,000 free digital teaching resources. These new resources include content and lesson plans revolving around PBS television shows such as Constitution USA, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Shakespeare Uncovered.

So check these fun spots out. You can search for activities and lessons by grade level and you'll likely find some other cool stuff while you're there.

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