Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Positive Behavior Supports

I am on my way back from the ISTE conference (International Society for Technology in Education) and was checking email when I came across an article about some Michigan schools ready to adopt PBS - Positive Behavior Support (System). I've know about this philosophy for a long time thanks to the folks at the Northeast Foundation for Children - The Responsive Classroom people. Thought it was interesting that it made ASCD's Smartbrief today as I don't always hear a lot about schools trying to support positive behavior in a structured, systematic way. It's so necessary and can set our students up for even greater success. It makes a difference, I've seen it personally. So here's the link to the article and check out the NEFC too.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In The Big Easy

Greetings from New Orleans where I am speaking at  workshop sponsored by SDE (Staff Development for Educators) titled Uncommon Teaching in the Common Core World. Had a wonderful group of teachers with us today while we tackled some complicated stuff and had a little fun. One of the techniques I talked about this morning was asking good questions to build the higher level thinking skills that the CCSS are looking for is called Socratic Questioning. This kind of questioning (which leads to other questions) is a change in instruction for a lot of us so I promised the group I would get them some more information. I also thought it would be of interest to the rest of you so I've linked you to several easy-to-handle articles. Enjoy!
Socratic Questioning
The Power of Socratic Seminar
The Role of Socratic Questioning
This last one is about teaching kids to think more deeply and philosophically, using conversation to do so.
Talking to Think