Friday, July 26, 2013

Two Exciting Developments

July brought a couple of professionally exciting events: the release of my newest book and my summer Twitter series.

My new book is called Simple Steps to SMART Success - all about how to make friends with your SMART board. You can check it out at Crystal Springs Books. It's got downloadable, ready-to-use interactive pages and step-by-step directions for building more. Full color and lots of screen shots to help you on your way. It also has websites you can visit to hear and see me go through each SMART Board activity. Totally cool!

My Twitter series was spurred by two things I actually found out about on Twitter. The New York City Public Library's summer exhibit is called The ABC of It. It's a celebration of children's books for readers of all ages. On the same day I read that, I also read an article stating that teachers worry that students will find the non-fiction/informational text required by the Common Core State Standards boring. Not on my watch! So...each day I am tweeting a new non-fiction title that will captivate and enthrall adults and kiddos alike. If you follow me (@LaureenReynolds) on Twitter you will see it each day. You can also use the search feature on Twitter to see what I've tweeted so far. It's #gr8lit. I am having a lot of fun and hoping to shed a new light on how fabulous informational text can be.

What Can a Four-Year Old Learn by Using Tablets? It's not what you think!

Well, July has been an incredibly busy month. I was in Las Vegas and Chicago for SDE's national conferences and am getting ready to go and see my good friends in Rutherford County, TN on Monday. All of that airplane and airport time allows me a good bit of reading time. I'll be doing a lot of work with Preschool and K teachers this fall so I've been doing some extra reading in that area. The NAEYC has a great article about Preschoolers using tablets and the surprising things they can learn. It has little to do with number and letters and more to do with 21st Century Skills. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Time and Technology

No matter what the new thing is that we are trying to integrate into our instruction, time is generally our specter. Integrating technology is no different and it's one of the biggest pain points I hear from the teachers who come to my workshops. In the past, I've blogged about some sites that review educational apps (see the links tab above). While at ISTE last week in San Antonio, I came across a new one: Graphite. Today, eSchoolNews posted an article about this service so I thought it might be of interest to you all. Check it out...