Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Connected Educator Month Means a New Twitter Series

October is Connected Educator Month (CEM). It's a chance to connect with passionate educators, begin or build your PLN, and learn some cool ways to integrate technology into teaching and learning along the way. In my work for Staff Development for Educators (SDE) I do a lot of technology and Common Core workshops so I am always looking for new ideas and resources. I am signed up to participate in CEM and so can you by clicking here. In celebration of this chance at collaboration and learning I have also decided to create a new Twitter series for October. Each weekday I will tweet a tech-related idea, a great site or app, an article worth your time...something to do with technology in education. If you already follow me, you'll see it each day. If you don't follow me, go to Twitter right now, search for my name, and click the little blue button that says: Follow. If you don't have a Twitter account, create one. It will be your first step toward becoming a more connected educator. You don't even have to tweet, just follow those that share your professional passions and then follow some of the folks they follow, and so on. You can stay up to date all month long by searching #CE13 - that's the official one for everyone. To see my tweets, you can search by my Twitter handle @LaureenReynolds. Hope to see you around the virtual water cooler!

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