Friday, April 4, 2014

It's National Poetry Month So Do Something Poetic

You may or may not know that poetry has been in my blood since I was 7. That's when I wrote my first poem. I don't remember what is was about and it likely wasn't an award-winner, but it started me on a journey that goes on to this day. My mother has my first books of poems (of course she does, she's my mother). I wrote each one on lined notebook paper then glued each to colored construction paper and tied the whole thing together with thick yarn. I gave it to her for Mother's Day. It still sits proudly on the bookshelves in her living room with some other poetry books I wrote (and was lucky enough to find a publisher for in Crystal Springs Books ) 30 years later.

Writing poetry is what brought me into the world of professional writing. I first wrote for students who needed things they could read and then it went wild from there. My first published book of poems led me to write 3 more, to have the opportunity to speak to teachers all over the country, and likely, to writing this blog in a round-about way.

So, what I'm saying is this: evoke a love of poetry in students and you never know what will happen. This week the folks at Edutopia had a great post to get you started. I've linked it here. Check it out and have fun this month!

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