Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You Can Quote Me on That

I know. Nothing for two months and now two posts in 24 hours.  I finally have a few days to go through all of the goodies that have been lingering in my inbox because they piqued my interest somehow but that I could not give my full attention to. Hopefully, this will be to your benefit over the next few days.

Terra Tarango, who is the president of Staff Development for Educators, got a wonderful Mother's Day gift from her daughter - a handmade book full of personally selected (and maybe authored?) quotes. She posts one in her office window each day or week to inspire her colleagues. I love this as I have always been a quote person. I am the geek who has quote apps on her phone and tablet.

I was reading the most recent issue of Scholastic's Instructor magazine last night and came across free, full color, printable (either full page or card-size) quotes for each week of the school year. I have linked it here.  Post one each week and ask students to reflect on it. It's a great community-building activity and a critical thinking push all at once. Enjoy.

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