Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's All About Them

As we all get settled into this new school year and into our routines and responsibilities I think it is important to remember that the more engaging we can make our instruction, the more invested our students will be.  True involvement brings less behavior issues and more avid learners at the very least so we need to make a concerted effort to keep them in mind for if they are happy, we are happy. I know it might seem like I am preaching to the choir but we often do things in a way that works for us which isn't necessarily the same as planning things with our students in mind. So I put forth this challenge to you: plan with students engagement and opinions in mind. My friends at Edutopia have a great little read directly from students on the engagement part. I've linked it here. As far as the opinion part in concerned, well, that's easy: ask them. While they might not have too much say on the learning goals, we can certainly ask them how they'd like to learn, what kinds of topics interest them, what types of projects they would be excited to do, how we can make our classrooms more student-friendly places, and so on. Ask on a regular basis, teach them to answer respectfully, and implement any suggestion you possibly can. Here's to an engaging school year!

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