Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Books Are My Guilty Pleasure

In just under two weeks I'll be heading over to Nashua, NH to participate in SDE's Conference for PK/K teachers (check out the line-up here). I love speaking locally as it allows me to bring as much stuff as I can pack in my car. Usually, the "stuff" I choose is books. I'll be bringing great children's books with me to show how to grow students' academic vocabulary through read-alouds and I'm doing an entire session on non-fiction favorites. Then there are some books that I bring just because I love them and want to make sure every teacher I see knows about them.

For me, books are what I choose to buy over many other things. It's my mani-pedi, my new handbag, my had-to-have pair of shoes. I have been lucky enough to have access to books my entire life and I had adults in my life who loved books.

This afternoon, an email popped into my inbox and reminded me of a website/organization that is helping get books into the hands of little ones who wouldn't normally have access to them - as early as possible - to begin to grow that love for words and books. We Give Books is the operation and they do two great things: they have a free digital library that anyone can read from and they work with charities to get print books into the hands of under-privileged children. On October 21, they are having a Read for the Record event. Consider getting your class involved. All they have to do is read terrific children's literature like the Max and Ruby books from the site. It's free so hop to it!

If we teach kids to love books they can learn almost anything through that love.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let's Connect

I am busy preparing for the fall season of conferences with SDE. First up for me is the Tennessee Conference for First Grade Teachers. (You can check out the line up of sessions here.) One of the sessions I am doing is Teaching with iPads where I show teachers a few of my favorite creation and skill-building apps to help them connect technology to the standards they are responsible for. Then I realized it was October 1st which means it's the first day of CEM. So...Happy Connected Educators Month! Whether you are hyper-connected or barely plugged in you can sign up here (it's free!) for great ideas, articles, websites, and more to make technology a part of your everyday instruction. It's a good way to start working through the jungle of information that's out there.

So if you're a TN educator, I'd love to see you. If you're not, I'll be in lots of other places too. Cruise the calendar to see when I'll be in your area and we can connect!